Christopher Pinto-Spiegel is a sixth-grader a Patrick M. Villano Elementary School. For the past three years, he has participated in The Villano View online newspaper. Pinto-Spiegel started as a reporter when he was in the fourth-grade, and now he is a Co-Editor-in-Chief for the newspaper. One of Pinto-Spiegel's close friends, Kylie Grompone, is the newspaper's other Co-Editor-in-Chief. Some of Pinto-Spiegel's favorite academic hobbies are learning stronger vocabulary, learning about our Nation's history, learning about our amazing planet, and learning new and exciting ways to look at our world using mathematics. Pinto-Spiegel also participates in other extracurricular activities such as the Villano School Symphonic Band, the Villano News Network (VNN), and Villano Student Congress. He is a member of the peer mentor program under the direction of Villano's social worker, Devan Chisano. Peer mentors strive to make all third and fourth-grade students feel welcome in their new school. Third-graders come from Memorial Elementary School, which means Villano is a new environment for them. A peer mentor helps new students at Villano feel as comfortable as they did at Memorial. When it comes to sports, Pinto-Spiegel's favorite is soccer. He has been playing on the Butler Emerson Eagels Team since first-grade. Pinto-Spiegel wishes to attend Princeton University in Princeton, New Jersey. He has visited the Princeton campus on numerous occasions. He also has a lot of Princeton University attire. Go Tigers! Pinto-Spiegel wishes to study to become a veterinarian. Hopefully, his dreams of helping animals in need will come true one day in the future. Pinto-Spiegel wants to become a veterinarian because of his love of dogs. He has had two dogs in his lifetime. Their names are Logan and Shelby, and both of them were Miniature Schnauzer. Pinto-Spiegel loves them both dearly. In conclusion, if and when Pinto-Spiegel becomes a veterinarian, he will owe it all to his dogs.

Christopher Pinto-Spiegel, Co-Editor-in-Chief

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Christopher Pinto-Spiegel