Surprise snowstorm not stopping students’ love of spring sports

April 4, 2018


Kylie Grompone

Daffodils start to bloom in Emerson, NJ. This is just one of the many flowers in the area. Recent rain and warmer temperatures will help flowers like this grow during springtime.

It may not feel like it just yet, but according to the calendar, spring is here. A snowstorm just hit the area on April 20, 2018. The wintry weather brought with it temperatures in the 30’s. However, spring officially started on March 20. Many students at Patrick M. Villano School are looking forward to beautiful blooming flowers, rising warm temperatures and playing outside sports.

“I’m happy because the team has all my friends, and no one is left out because we are all friends,” third grader Joanne Jacob said about her softball team.

“I gets me energetic and happy to be with my friends and play the sport I love,” fifth grader Brendan Morgan said about practicing football.

Average temperatures in the springtime in New Jersey usually range from 60 to 70 degrees, according to the Weather Channel website. Some students say that is perfect for playing soccer. The spring soccer season started on March 25, and many games took place. Other students prefer running.

“I’m happy track season is starting up because it is fun but also tiring at the same time,” fourth grader Addison Youmans said.


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