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Ashley Miskovitz, Reporter

Ashley Miskovitz is a sixth grader at Patrick M. Villano Elementary School. Ashley has had a passion for writing and reading since she was little. She reads about 20-30 minutes every day - sometimes even longer if she really loves the book. Then, she writes about what she's read using the beginning/middle/end graphic organizer. After she fills out the organizer, Ashley writes a paragraph. Her parents even sometimes ask for her help when they are writing an email.

Ashley also participates in extracurricular activities such as soccer and softball. Doing these sports are a good workout for her brain since she is reading and writing so much. To add on, Ashley is also in the school play, “James and the Giant Peach Junior”.  Ashley anchors and writes for the Villano News Network (VNN), which is the school morning news program. Ashley is devoted to writing and would love to be a writer in the future. If possible, she would write for a soccer magazine or be a sports writer who focuses on soccer or write about the latest fashion trends. Hopefully by the end of this year, you’ll know Ashley and have read some of her articles.

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Ashley Miskovitz