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January 12, 2023


"Blue Ridge Mountains" by steviep187 is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0.

Some people traveled over the winter break. One school family visited the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia to be with family.

Winter break this year, or last year rather, was a great chance for both students and staff to get away from the hard work at school. One teacher who took advantage of this opportunity is Elizabeth McClafferty.

“My husband’s cousin decided to just book a bunch of spaces for the family so we could all have a family holiday.” McClafferty said.

McClafferty is the sixth grade Science teacher. McClafferty and her family, including her husband’s extended family, stayed at Massanutten Resort in Virginia, specifically Blue Ridge Mountains. She really enjoyed it because “we were all here, and kind of just got to talk more than just ‘Hey how are you?’ and we really got to just catch up on everything.”

McClafferty isn’t the only one who spent time with family over the break. Cooper Sfarra, a sixth grade student, also spent time at home surrounded by family for Christmas and New Years.

“I had family over, we had food, played games, and other stuff,” Sfarra said.

Sfarra was with two of his aunts and their families and says he had plenty of fun with cousins. She was supposed to go on vacation, however, his family just got a new puppy, so they was too busy.

On a different note, fifth grade student Adrian Moussa, decided to spend a lot of time outdoors with siblings.

According to Moussa, “I played baseball with my brother. He taught me how to pitch really fast and it was really fun!”

Moussa said he overall had a great time with family and friends and even got to enjoy events with them such as Secret Santa. For New Years, he especially enjoyed watching the ball drop with loved ones around him.

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