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December 2, 2022


Maeve Gagliardo

Fifth-graders wait outside their homeroom door for the day to begin.

Were you excited to start the new school year?

Many students at Patrick M. Villano School looked forward to seeing their friends and learning about new topics, but fifth graders weren’t sure how they would feel about switching subject-area classes. Remembering to bring the right books and getting to classes on time was a concern for some, but quickly Zach Schumeyer got into the routine.

“I really like it, I get to see my friends and I like sitting in different spaces,” Schumeyer, a fifth-grader, said.

Fifth grade teacher, Catherine Gallucci also likes the switching.

“I have taught all of the subjects in 5th grade over my years at Vilano School, and I feel comfortable teaching all of them, but I really do enjoy both Science and Social Studies, and I am happy I now get to teach both subjects,” Gallucci said. “They are both interesting to me, and I find that students enjoy learning about our world and our history.” 

During the months the coronavirus was a concern, fifth-graders didn’t switch classes. The idea was to contain the spread of germs. Now that the virus is better controlled, switching at school resumed this school year.

Gallucci says she’s impressed that students figured out pretty quickly how to keep organized and manage all of their supplies and materials.

“I think the 5th graders are all doing a great job switching classes this year,” Gallucci continued. “I find that most students enjoy moving from class to class and they really like having three or more teachers throughout the day to help keep the day interesting.”

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