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December 23, 2022


State Department photo by Ronny Przysucha/ Public Domain

This is the opening ceremony of the U.S.-Wales Men’s World Cup Match in Doha, Qatar, on November 21, 2022.

Because it happens once every four years, many soccer fans at Patrick M. Villano School were glued to their screens watching the World Cup.

“I’m super excited about this event,” said fifth-grader Channing Murphy, “I think the U.S.A. has what it takes to win this whole thing. Argentina might win too. Messi’s my favorite player.”

There was a difference of opinion between grade levels. Sixth-grader Jaden Rezabala had his own thoughts on the winner.

“I’m excited. I was hoping that Ecuador will win. I hope I’m right,” Rexbala said.

Now that the World Cup is over, sports fans know Argentina took the title. Many students think the World Cup final was without a doubt the best game ever. Argentina found themselves up by an early two-goal lead against France, who then scored twice in a matter of minutes to tie it up. Eventually, both teams went to overtime and then to penalties with Argentina coming out on top. 

M’bappe and France came in second, and Modric and Croatia took third place. These teams fought to get to where they did.  France barely lost a game, and Argentina lost to Saudi Arabia and didn’t lose a game after that. Rezabala and Murphy’s teams didn’t win but that’s what the World Cup is about – sticking with your country’s team even if they don’t have the best odds of winning. 

The World Cup is a sporting event that happens every four years. It is one of the most-watched sporting events in the world. There are thirty-two teams split up into eight groups of four. The top two teams in the group move on, and the others go home. The two top teams of each group move on to the next stage.  If you lose, you’re out. Each team fights to the final, where the winner is declared. The next World Cup in 2026 is coming home to the United States of America.

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