Finding a personal message in music

December 23, 2022


The Villano View staff

Joseph Gibbs directs chorus students at Patrick M. Villano School during a rehearsal for the Winter Concert.

There are no boundaries. That is the best thing about music according to Joseph Gibbs. He is the new music and choral teacher at Patrick M. Villano and Memorial Schools.

“The songs you put on repeat while on your bed or taking a walk can have such an influential and educational impact if you let it,” explains Gibbs.

Music, regardless of language, origin, style, or genre, carry such a deep and personal meaning to whoever is listening to it, according to Gibbs. He explains that even the most light-hearted or unexpected song can carry such a powerful meaning to someone.

Gibbs lives a few minutes away in the town of Northvale. He graduated summa cum laude from The College of New Jersey with a Bachelor of Music in Music Education in May 2022. Gibbs says he wants to help his students expand their appreciation for music learn new things from their current favorites.

“I like when Mr.Gibbs is teaching, especially when we do fit checks even though we’re in the middle of class. He is basically the only teacher that does it,” explains fifth grader Kara Woodward.

Gibbs’s favorite thing to do with students is to talk about music. Gibbs says he likes to watch both the gears spin in students’ heads and light bulbs go off once they discover something new. Gibbs loves when students add something they think is silly to a discussion about music, but in reality, their addition is very clever and artful.



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  • J

    Joshua VargheseJan 2, 2023 at 4:24 pm

    Hey Fernando!
    I’m not the writer of this story, but I’ll explain. He tells us what he’s wearing that day and where he got it from. Have a great day. 🙂

  • F

    FernandoJan 2, 2023 at 9:51 am

    What do you mean by checking your fit?