History takes a turn

October 20, 2022


Joseph Martinez recently graduated from Rutgers University and joins the staff at Patrick M. Villano School.

Joseph Martinez is the new sixth-grade Social Studies teacher at Patrick M. Villano School. Martinez just graduated from Rutgers University, and this is his first year teaching.

 “I have a degree in history, and I also have a Master’s in education,” Martinez stated.

Martinez enjoys many of Villano’s traditions such as the O Show and Family Time, but he reallky enjoy classroom discussions with his students.

“I think that having students develop an opinion or an idea and then discussing that idea … having the students discuss with each other is something that is fun and is enjoyable for me,” Martinez said.

Dylan Malec is a sixth-grade student in Martinez’s homeroom.

“I think Mr. Martinez is a great teacher who is kind,” Malec says. “I like that Mr. Martinez gives clear directions and that he gives [students] a lot of time [to work] for his assignments.”

Many students say they enjoy their class time with Martinez because he makes lessons extremely enjoyable.

“I like having a new teacher in the sixth grade! It’s good to mix it up a bit,” Malec stated.


Restaurants or fast food?

“I would prefer restaurant foods, but I don’t like sitting down at restaurants. [However], if I had to pick one I’d go with restaurants –  restaurants to go because I’d rather eat on my couch than at a restaurant.”

Winter or summer?

“Summer. I used to not be against the cold, but as I’ve gotten older, I just can’t handle the cold, so I would definitely at this point prefer summer, but it kind of changes.”

Pizza or burgers?

“I would say pizza because there are so many different options, so many different toppings, and the different kinds of pizza.”

See 150 years into the future, or 150 years into the past?

“I think I would rather be [150] years into the future just because of the unknown. I think the unknown is pretty cool, but it can also be scary because you don’t know what’s going to happen in the world.”

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