Being in the spotlight

April 20, 2022


Being in a play is a mix of emotions.

Fifth and sixth grade students are performing in Kamp Kaos, a musical about a sleepaway camp director, who goes through some wacky drama on opening day. I’m in the play! A lot of people might wonder how it feels to be on stage. For starters, being in a play causes many emotions. Most of the time you’re happy and excited, but sometimes you’re nervous. It’s a mix for me. Of course, I’m happy and excited to be a part of the play, but sometimes I get nervous about the show and the performance if I’m going to forget my lines or the songs or the dances. I play Anges Stonebottom who is the health inspector. I was very happy and thankful, but nervous because I had to memorize a lot of lines. It was kind of overwhelming when I saw all my lines in the play, but when you’re in a play you need to believe in yourself.

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