Kindness Challenge

June 1, 2022


Emerson Public Schools

Students were invited to participate in the Kindness Challenge from February 14 to 23.

Kindness is essential all around the world, but Patrick M. Villano School took this to a new level by creating the Kindness Challenge. Students received a checklist and completed kind tasks such as holding the door for someone, saying thanks to their teacher after a school day or picking up books dropped by a classmate.

One fifth-grade student, Maeve Gagliardo, completed every single kind task on the checklist.

“I think that it just gave students a chance to recognize how effective being kind is,” Gagliardo said. “I really hope that they continue the kindness challenge.”

Danielle Milo, another fifth-grade student, also participated in the Kindness Challenge.

“I think the Kindness Challenge was a great [activity] to be a part of because you get to do good deeds every day and [lift spirits],” Milo said. “I think it was very important because it shows kindness and it spreads hope and joy.”

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