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March 16, 2022


Jessica Espinoza

These students are learning scrapbooking skills with 6th grade Math teacher Allison Recchia. It’s one of six after school clubs offered this year.

In 2019, after school clubs were offered to students in grades 5 and 6 at Patrick M. Villano Elementary school. However, after only two sessions the clubs were shut down due to concerns about the coronavirus. This year, clubs are back with some unique options. Students and teachers alike are happy.

“I am very excited to be running a club again!” exclaimed the fourth grade teacher Kimberly DellaVolpe. “I decided to run Exercising Your Mind, Body, and Soul this year because I felt it was perfect for the world we are living in. I am hoping this club helps us find inner peace and get our bodies moving.”

Due to the pandemic, it was challenging for some students to exercise their minds and body.

“My goal is to have us not only exercise our bodies physically, but also exercise our minds and help us find peace. This club is also something that I enjoy doing- moving and working as a team- and something that kids love and deserve,” DellaVolpe explained.

Exercising Your Mind, Body, and Soul is one of six clubs offered to students. Fifth grade student Dom Piserchia joined the Odyssey of the Mind club.

“I feel interested in the club because it has topics that I am interested in such as engineering and construction,” he said.

The idea of an after school club is new for fourth grader Kristian Waples who is also participating in Odyssey of the Mind.

“I feel excited that the clubs are available because it makes me feel more like a Villano student,” Waples said. “I am excited for the clubs to start back up because I never have experienced clubs, and it will be fun to experience something new.”

Clubs give an opportunity for students who share a similar interest to interact with others across grade levels. This year, clubs include Arts and Crafts, Everlasting Memories, Engineering Challenges, Odyssey of the Mind, Exercising Your Mind, Body, and Soul, and Divide and Conquer.









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