Staying safe while playing sports

November 13, 2020


Lindsey Gabriele 

Some youth athletes didn’t let COVID-19 stop them from playing their favorite sports. Practicing with family in the backyard was common among players in Emerson.

No matter what level of sport people play – national, college, or youth – safety is a priority for players and fans.

Anna Marie Scotti is a Senior Manager Broadcast Operations  for the MLB & NHL Network. She knows first hand how COVID-19 impacts the way sports are played at a national level.

“COVID-19 has affected the way that the sports have been played because all of the players had to get tested for COVID every day,” Scotti said. “Also, no fans were allowed inside the stadium, so that meant a lot of people were losing their jobs because it was their job to take care of the fans.”

Players wearing a mask is not mandatory.

“They didn’t have to wear a mask, it was more of an option because they got tested more frequently, but you will notice if you watch a game players do wear masks because it makes them feel safer.”

At the college level, some coaches are waiting patiently to play and thinking about ways to be safe during this pandemic. Ramapo College assistant basketball coach, Patrick Gabriele said normally, his season would have started already.

“Our season has been delayed at the college level because of COVID-19, so we won’t start now until January,” he said. “Normally we would start October 15th every year, but it was postponed.”

Gabriele is looking forward to game time.

“When we return in January, the big difference is we will be tested three times a week by the NCAA, and everyone will have to have to get tested negative to participate in practices, games, or travel with the team,” he explained.

The biggest difference could be the masks.

“We are going to have to wear masks every time we are in contact with each other,” Gabriele said.

Staying safe while playing a sport is also on the mind of youth athletes right here in Emerson. Alyssa Gabriele is an eighth-grader who plays softball, basketball and soccer.

“We make sure that we are wearing our masks and social distance,” she said.

Gabriele has been staying active despite COVID-19.

“I have been doing sports workouts that my team has provided me with because practices have not been very normal,” Gabriele replied.

All sports no matter what the level of play are similar because coaches and players alike want to stay safe.

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    Alice McDermottNov 25, 2020 at 9:16 am

    Great article and good research!