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December 18, 2019


Paige Aquilia writes in her free time. She is busy as a student and a dancer, so she writes mostly on weekends.

Fifth grade student Paige Aquila is on her way to becoming an author. A first grade assignment inspired Aquila to start writing a book.

“When I was in first grade, we were making comic books, and I came up with someone called Raina, and she was a mischief maker,” Aquila explained. “She always got into a lot of trouble. She was one of my favorite characters.”

Raina is the main character in a series of books Aquila has been working on since her days at Memorial School. Now a fifth grade student at Patrick M. Villano School, Aquila is now editing her finished product. Riana and the Dark World of Natureland is an adventure story. Adventure is one of Aquila’s favorite genres.

“Adventure and fantasy because they are really fun and surprising, and they get me really excited,” Aquila said.

Aquila hopes people learn to make good choices through her main character, Raina.

“Since she [Raina] was always getting in trouble and making mischief, and she has to try and save Natureland, she learned to help people and not be bad all the time or mean all time,” Aquila said.

With homework and dance, Aquilia finds time to write mostly on weekends. 

I love how the story ends on a cliff-hanger,” Language Arts teacher Kim Biggs said. “I can’t wait to hear what happens next.” 

“Honestly, I love writing stories, and this is my favorite one,” Aquila said. “It has so much detail, and it definitely ends on a cliffhanger. Watch out for book two!”

Here’s a look at chapter one of Riana and the Dark World of Natureland,

Chapter 1: Let’s Get Going! 

Hi, I’m Riana. I just woke up, feeling scared. It may be a sunny and hot day, but it was 8:50 a.m.! I was late for school!

“MOM! I’M LATE!” I shouted, as I got ready for school. I rushed downstairs.

“Just have a banana for breakfast and eat it in the car,” said my mom.

My mom and I rushed into the car and got to school as fast as we could.

“Have a good day, Raina!” said mom, as I ran up the hill.

I rushed inside and met up with the principal.

“You are late again!”  yelled the principal.

“Sorry. I need a new clock,” said Raina.

“Get to your class this instant!”

“Okay,” I said worried.

I got to class.

“Riana! We thought you would not make it. Now, we can finally get started on the math test!” said the teacher, Mrs. Clementine.

Then, everyone got to work, but I found something in my desk. It was a portal! I crept inside of it. “Hello?” I said.

There was a girl on a chair beside me …


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