The sun is finally out

April 28, 2019


David Kim

This is a picture of an oak tree beginning to grow its leaves. This was taken at Memorial School on a sunny day. This represents spring because the leaves on trees start to grow in the spring.

After a long winter of staying indoors for recess, spring is here. That means the sun is finally out, and students are allowed outside either before or after lunch. Soccer, softball, track, and lacrosse  are also beginning their seasons. Many athletic students at Patrick M. Villano School are estatic.

“I’m excited for softball because I’ve waited a whole year to get back into sports,” sixth grader Alyssa Gabriel said.

Just saying the word “spring” brings a smile to many students’ faces. Some say it makes them think of flowers, sunshine, and watermelon. However, some parts of the season are not as welcoming as others such as bees and pollen.

“I’m not a big fan of bees myself. I don’t ever want to get stung. If I see one, I tend to run away,” sixth grader Kayla Mulligan said.

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