Behind the scenes of the Mr. O Show

March 15, 2019


Joanne Jacob

The “O Show” application is available for all students. This is what show coordinators Devan Zambito and Kristy Friedman require of students before they take stage.

Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes of the Mr.”O” Show? There is a process before students take stage. Students must fill out an application, then show part of their act to school social worker Devan Zambito who runs the performance.

“First, I review the application. I make sure its was approved by both parent and teacher,” Zambito explained. “Next, I talk about their act with them. Then, I make sure its was approved by both parent and teacher. Lastly, I put it on the system to be saved.”

Performers for the February show were excited to share their talent with the school. Ava Velez, a fourth grader, sang on stage although she admits she was a bit nervous.

“I think that I am a pretty good performer,” Velez said.  “I wanted to have fun doing what I am good at.”

Grace Greco is a confident third grader who rocked the stage.

“I was a little nervous to share my talent,” Greco admitted. “I had been practicing for five weeks … I wanted to share my talent with the school.”

Application are available in each homeroom for students interested in participating in the next Mr. O. Show.

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