Wishing the best for friends

January 8, 2019


Michael Schwarzenberger

Many student wish the best for their friends. Gift-giving isn’t most important. Spending time together counts most.

Students at Patrick M. Villano School have many warm wishes for friends this holiday season.

“I hope my friends get what they want this year for Christmas. I want them to have fun and spend time with their family,” sixth-grader Ronny Yun said.

“I wish that all of my friends have happy holidays. I want them to be happy and have fun,” fourth-grader Paige Aquila said. “I hope that they can see their family and have happy, happy holidays, and a happy new year, too.”

Some students emphasized being kind to everyone, and treating others the way YOU want to be treated.

“I hope for my friends to have a happy and healthy holiday. I love all my friends,” sixth-grader Jordan Marsh said.

“I hope that students have great holidays, and I hope that they will have a lot of fun with their families and friends,” sixth-grader Jillian Kleinman said. “I hope that everything is perfect and students enjoy their winter break.”

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