Creativity with numbers

January 5, 2019

Did you see all the Favorite Number projects displayed outside the sixth-grade math classroom? For the third year in a row, students in Leigh Martin’s math class have completed the project.

“I love to see how creative my students can be since sometimes math isn’t always creative,” Martin said. “I love the original projects that I have never seen done before.”

Students chose their favorite number between one and 100. Then, they presented that number in a creative way. Gabe Cannici chose the number 25 because it’s his birthday number.

“I liked how we had an option of a large number span because everybody did a different number,” Cannici said.

There were mobiles, posters, balloons, scrapbooks, jerseys, even a Chrstmas tree adorned with numbers. One student created an extra large flex-tangle that actually worked. A couple students wrote math facts about their favorite number on tennis shoes and soccer cleats. Diana Tamayo created a mobile to display her number choice. 

“I liked the favorite number project because it can make you get creative,” Tamayo said.

The projects are graded, and students can either bring them home or allow Martin to keep them as samples for next year’s math students. The projects displayed in the hallway caught the attention of upcoming fifth-grade student Briella Donahue.

“What I find most interesting about the favorite number project is that you get to be creative and display your work,” Donahue said.

Catalina Menez Lopez, another fifth-grader, is also looking forward to the project next year.

“What I find most exciting is that you get to show your work after you are finished,” Lopez added.

Martin said she is also excited to see what new creative ideas her future students bring to class.

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