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December 23, 2018


Alyssa Gabriele

Jeremiah Tomioka likes to doodle in his freetime. This hobby allows him to express some creativity.

It seems that most sixth graders at Patrick M. Villano School have a hobby that keeps them busy when classes end for the day. Brendan Morgan started swimming when he was just five years old. He said his mother signed him up for lessons and a spot on a local swim team to face his fear of the water. Now, Morgan swims year round. He enjoys swimming indoors during the winter season.

“It is different from other sports and it includes intensity and a lot of working hard,” Morgan said. “Now, I have overcome my fear of water. I appreciate it now, and I put my best effort into it.”

Morgan thanks his mom for driving him to overcome his fear because now he is one of the best swimmers on his team. Other sixth graders share Morgan’s passion for a sport.

“My favorite hobby is playing soccer. I really enjoy this hobby because it’s fun for me. I watched my older sisters play, so I got involved,” Phoebe Rivers said. “I like that there are different positions.”

“My favorite hobby is playing hockey. I enjoy this hobby because it’s a fast and physical game. My family loves the sport, so I got involved,” Nicholas Gismondi explained. “It is very special to me because it’s my passion for life.” 

Other students focus on their creative side.

“My favorite hobby is drawing. I like drawing because it’s very relaxing,” Jazmin Martinez said. “My cousin used to draw, and I think it looked very cool. I think my hobby is special because it reminds me about my cousin, who now lives in Mexico.”

Jeremiah Tomioka also focuses on his artistic skills by doodling whenever and wherever he can.

“You can come up with an idea and turn it into reality,”  Tomioka said. “Things that I find good to draw are different or extraordinary.”

Kate Sroka and Kelly Bonner both love to dance. Bonner is in a studio practicing her skills for eight and a half hours each week.

“I dance because it’s a good way to pass time and be active,” Bonner said.

Sroka has been dancing for seven years, and she also does gymnastics.

“I do dance because I feel like I know [the moves] from gymnastics and turn it into a story of my own,” Sroka said. “They are my favorite hobbies because I like the satisfaction of getting a new skill.”

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  • J

    Jeremiah TomiokaJan 7, 2019 at 1:28 pm

    Not only do I doodle, but I swim from 8 pm to 10 pm on Mondays and Fridays. I also swim an hour on Tuesdays and an hour and fifteen minutes on Thursdays. On Saturdays, I swim for two hours.