Unstoppable behind the plate

May 24, 2018


Patrick Walsh

Sixth grade student, Patrick Walsh, watches Yankees highlights on his laptop. The Yankees have hit 79 home runs this season - an impressive start for this early in the regular season.

“Crack!” The swing of the bat fills the air as Aaron Judge rounds the bases. Fellow sluggers, Giancarlo Stanton and Didi Gregorius congratulate one another on what’s become a  regular occurance – another home run. The game ends with the Yankees winning in a slug fest against the Boston Red Sox on May 18.

The Bronx Bombers have the one of best records in the MLB with 31 wins and 15 losses,  To keep this record alive, the Yankees’ bats have had some key late game hits, tying otherwise close or taking the lead.

The Yankees are in second place just behind the Red Sox. The Yanks have 31 wins to the Red Sox’s 34. The Yankees just came off two wins against the Red Sox, one of their most vicious rivals. Many fights have happened between these two teams.

Here are some key stats from a baseball website called Baseball Reference:

                                    BA              OBP                   HR                  RBI              OPS

Gardner, LF            .214              .329                      1                       12                .623

Judge, RF                .308              .429                    11                      27               1.035 

Gregorius, SS          .255              .343                    10                      31               .880

Stanton, DH           .255               .344                    10                     26               .860

Sanchez, C              .211                .316                    10                     30                .820

Hicks, CF                 .208               .319                    3                      15                .684

Walker, 1B               .210               .300                    0                     10               .557

Andujar, 3B             .284               .297                    3                     14                .760 

Torres, 2B                .324               .372                    3                     12                .865

(BA=Batting Average, OBP=On Base Percentage, HR=Homeruns, RBI=Runs Batted In, OPS=On Base plus Slugging)

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