Students focus on their books in the sixth grade hallway of Patrick M. Villano School. Heads are down, as students read their novels. This is the scene in every hallway during the Great Hallway Read.

A great time during the Great Hallway Read

May 10, 2018

There is hardly any sound floating in the hallways of Patrick M. Villano School during the Great Hallway Read. Almost everywhere you went, someone had their nose in a book and had their eyes moving from one place to another as they read on and on. The sound of pages turning was all you could hear during this calm, peaceful moment. This event happens on the last Friday of each month in school.

“It gave me a quiet time of my own to read, a time I wouldn’t always have,” sixth-grader Ashley Miskovitz said.

Every month, students enjoy a long 30 minutes of reading in the hallways whatever book they chose. On this day, many people enjoy graphic novels, especially by author Raina Telgemeier. Others read Greek Mythology by authors including Rick Riordan. Even the teachers enjoy books of their own. There is not a single person anywhere that doesn’t enjoy a book.

“It gets everybody hooked into a good book. It’s a great way to start a good reading habit,” sixth grader Nick D’Agostino said.

Students say they don’t always get a chance to be able to read on their own. Sometimes plans and extra-curricular activities can get in the way of having any valuable reading time. Having a free reading period is helpful, according to students. 

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