Salzman in the classroom and on the court

May 8, 2018


Izzy Monchino

Ms. Chloe Salzman teaches third grade at Patrick M. Villano School. She focuses her instruction on math and science.

Chloe Salzman is a third-grade teacher at Patrick M. Villano School. This is her third year teaching in Emerson. As an elementary school teacher, she instructs math, science and spelling subject. She found time in her busy schedule to talk about her teaching inspirations and her life outside of school.

Q: Do you enjoy Amplify Science, the new science curriculum?
A: Yes. It is easy planning and has grade appropriate text or books.

Q: Do you enjoy the math program?
A: Yes, the games are fun and the skills repeat throughout the program.

Q: What is your favorite subject to teach?
A:  Math because it is fun, and I love to see the different ways they [students] can solve one problems.

Q: What is you favorite hobby?
A: I like to go hiking and play volleyball so that I stay active.

Q: What is your favorite color?
A: Blue.

Q: Do you learn things when you teach?
A: Yes. I learn the most when there is a new skill that I introduce.

Q: What is your inspiration for teaching?
A: My sixth grade teacher, who is actually Mikaela Tucker’s uncle and Alyssa Gabriele’s dad. [Those girls are also students at Patrick M. Villano School].

Q: What is your favorite memory of teaching?
A: Getting the chance to work with such amazing coworkers and being able to start the middle school volleyball team.

Q: What did you do over spring break?
A: I went to a Met game and saw my friends.

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