Christopher Pinto-Spiegel is a fourth grade writer for The Villano View. Writing for The Villano View is something I want to do every year. It is fun, and it makes me happy. I competed in the school spelling bee this year. I love to write, take photos, spell, and read. I love to read because even in the darkest times, a nice book could cheer me up. I love to write because I can make up the silliest story, and it would always make me laugh. In the fall and spring, I  play travel soccer. I play defense and midfield. I am  known as Smarty according to my friend. He calls me Smarty because I always make him laugh, and I help him when he needs it. I love Patrick M. Villano School. It is truly a great place to be.

Christopher Pinto-Spiegel, Reporter

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